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Zebra Access Point

Zebra 9160 G2 Narrowband Gateway Access Point

Zebra 9160 G2 Narrowband Gateway

The 9160 G2 wireless gateway uses digital narrowband wireless technology to provide a robust and secure wireless connection for simple data applications across the largest, most expansive outdoor areas. The 9160 G2 minimizes infrastructure...


Zebra AP 6562 Access Point

Zebra AP 6562

The AP 6562 access point is designed to help lower the cost of deploying and operating a secure, reliable, and targeted outdoor wireless network, all powered by the WiNG 5 architecture. Choose from two models: an integrated antenna model for fast...

$816.00 to $1,025.10

Zebra AP 7502 Access Point

Zebra AP 7502

Whether you are responsible for a hotel, assisted living facility, dormitory housing or an apartment complex, you are challenged with providing high-speed Internet access in a challenging environment with many rooms "" rooms with RF-blocking walls,...

Zebra AP 7502E Access Point

Zebra AP 7502E

Introducing the easiest way to solve these big business problems the AP 7502, the pocket-sized 802.11ac access point. The AP 7502 is purpose built for public-facing micro-cell environments such as hotel and patient rooms, classrooms and apartments....

Zebra AP 7522 Access Point

Zebra AP 7522

Introducing the AP 7522 from Zebra, delivering 802.11ac speeds at half the cost of many of its competitors. Now, you can support virtually any of the mobile devices on your network running today's demanding applications, with a design that fits...

Zebra AP 7522E Access Point

Zebra AP 7522E

Get 802.11ac speed at a low price point with the AP 7522E access point. The comprehensive feature set and 2X2 MIMO provide all your mobile users with a dependable, high-performance wireless connection. With our high-powered radios, you"ll need fewer...

Zebra AP 7532 Access Point

Zebra AP 7532

You need more out of your wireless LAN "" you need to support more wireless users and more of today"s extremely demanding voice and data applications. You need the ultimate performance and bandwidth that 802.11ac can deliver, but cost has been an...


Zebra AP 8163 Access Point

Zebra AP 8163

Break through your walls and extend your wireless LAN (WLAN) outdoors with the AP 8163. This rugged access point is purpose built inside and outside to enable the easy extension of robust wireless connectivity to workers in outdoor spaces. On the...

$1,795.80 to $1,882.10

Zebra AP 8432 Access Point

Zebra AP 8432

Implement the Internet of Things (IoT) with ease using Zebra's new AP 8432. Eight times the capacity of previous WLAN technology, this true 802.11ac Wave 2 solution simultaneously supports multi-user MIMO client devices""a must for high-density...

Zebra AP 8533 Access Point

Zebra AP 8533

With eight times the capacity and four times the speed of previous WLAN technology, Zebra's Wave 2 AP 8533 supports multi-user MIMO client devices at the same time. Built with Zebra's Triple Sensor technology, this 802.11ac powerhouse eliminates the...