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Unitech EA602 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech EA602

Unitech's EA602 is a rugged mobile computer that combines strong features with powerful data collection. Comes equipped with a 1.4GHz Octa-Core processor and running on the Android 7.1 operating system. The device is suitable for data intensive...


Unitech HT1 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech HT1

Unitech electronics co., ltd., a leading global provider of automatic identification and data capture technologies, has launched its latest compact handheld terminal, The HT1. It is a pocket-sized mobile computer with superior data collection...

$606.70 to $619.20

Unitech PA520 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA520

Unitech PA520 is a compact sized enterprise PDA that provides a comprehensive wireless platform since it integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, making it quick and easy to stay connected. Equipped with 1D/2D imager, RFID reader, NFC and...

$857.90 to $1,127.50

Unitech PA692A Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA692A

The PA692A is a rugged mobile computer that combines the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today's aggressive business environment. PA692A also offers field-based workers with a...


Unitech PA700 MCA Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA700 MCA

PA700MCA is portable and easy for nurse to go anywhere. In addition, a large 4.7-inch color TFT multi-touch display is a delight to check the patient's medical records and easy to operate by the two-finger gestures, it is available to be viewed even...


Unitech PA700V Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA700V

A powerful Android handheld computer that's always connected to the heart of your business. The PA700V is a Verizon Certified tool for today's mobile worker. It combines the form factor of a 4G smartphone with the performance of an enterprise...


Unitech PA730 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech PA730

The PA730 is an Android handheld computer, rugged and built to last. Built on the fastest growing and most popular mobile platform, the PA730 Android handheld device is a powerful and versatile data collection tool. The PA730 has an integrated 2D...

$839.50 to $1,121.70

Unitech HT630 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech HT630

The Unitech HT630 Mobile Computer is designed to meet your demands in various applications, ranging from Transportation and Warehousing to Mobile Sales, Field Service, Retail, Meter Reading and more. Rugged and durable, yet weighing less than 250...

$479.50 to $517.80

Unitech HT682 Mobile Handheld Computer

Unitech HT682

Streamline your business processes with the versatile Unitech HT682 handheld terminal, ideal for manufacturing, logistics and transportation applications. With an area imager designed for high volume scanning, the HT682 brings a new level of...

$945.30 to $1,144.80

Unitech BD100

Unitech BD100

The BD100 can be used as an e-Badge, to grant access to facilities as well as activate a time-stamp, it can be used as a personal communication instrument to inform and instruct individuals, it can also be used as a workflow deployment tool, a...

Unitech PA760 Mobile Computer

Unitech PA760 Mobile Computer

Unitech's PA760 redefines productivity with this powerful mobile computer. Designed with a full suite of tools and features that allows you to customize and future-proof your device. With the latest Android 9 operating system, a robust processor,...

$977.80 to $1,140.00

Unitech HT510 Handheld Terminal

Unitech HT510 Handheld Terminal

Unitech's HT510 handheld terminal is the ideal data collector for operators to easily navigate throught their daily tasks. Designed for harsh enviornments, HT510 rugged design withstand multiple drops to concrete and equipped with IP65 environmental...

$695.60 to $1,274.10

Unitech EA500+ Rugged Smartphone

Unitech EA500+ Rugged Smartphone

For tough jobs you need a tough device, with Unitech's EA500+ rugged smartphone you get just that. Designed with a host of helpful features like an Octa-Core processor and an Android 8.0 operating system, the EA500+ is perfect for data-intensive...


Unitech EA300 Mobile Computer

Unitech EA300 Mobile Computer

The Unitech EA300 is a rugged 4" mobile enterprise computer combining wireless communication and performance to provide powerful data collection.

Unitech EA630

Unitech EA630

The Unitech EA630 is a 6-inch rugged mobile smartphone offering 80% screen to body ratio, featuring versatile functionality with powerful data collection. Specially designed for portability, the EA630 is combined with a compact and durable design...

$793.70 to $842.80

Unitech HT380

Unitech HT380

Offering the latest OS of Android 9, one-handed easy operation and ergonomic keypad design, a long-running 4500 mAh battery, the Unitech HT380 is a versatile handheld terminal with superior data collection solutions that increases your efficiency in...


Unitech EA320 PDA with Touch screen and Keypad

Unitech EA320 PDA with Touch screen and Keypad

The EA320 is specially designed with input-intensive data entry and data collection in mind. This device has a 4" TFT-LCD (400nits) touch screen and features an integrated 21 key keypad as well as dual scanning buttons (left and right side) for...


Unitech WD200 Wearable Mobile Computer (Android)

Unitech WD200 Wearable Mobile Computer (Android)

Save time and cut down on errors with a device that accelerates work production. The WD200 is a wearable mobile computer featuring a hearty Qualcomm Octa-Core processor coupled with IP67 and 5-foot drop protection for rugged performance and...

$617.80 to $702.70

Unitech HT730

Unitech HT730

The Unitech HT730 offers one-handed operation with ergonomic and keypad keypad for a powerful warehousing data collection solution. Offering Android 10 OS with GMS certification, the HT730 is equipped with Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI) CPU...


Unitech MS838

Unitech MS838

Delivering users an affordable price, MS838 2D imager scanner offers excellent performance for increasing productivity even when the barcodes are damaged or poorly printed. The MS838 has the capability to read up to 3 mil barcode (Code 39). This...

$57.10 to $64.80

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