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AirTrack S2-W Scanner
AirTrack S2-W Scanner

AirTrack S2-W Scanner

AirTrack S2-BT Barcode Scanner A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the AirTrack S2-BT Barcode Scanner.

The Perfect Cordless Scanner for Multiple Industries

Designed to fulfill the needs of users in retail, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and hospitality environments, the AirTrack S2-W provide superior 2D barcode scanning performance at a more affordable price. Regardless of the barcode type, the S2-W can capture printed codes and even off of a mobile device screens making it a perfect fit across your business. Combine a long-range stable Bluetooth connection for complete wireless mobility and you have a scanner that is ready to meet the challenges of any application.

The AirTrack S2-W is also known as the Air Track S2-W

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S2-W Options
AirTrack S2-W (S2-W-1012A2006)
USB Kit, Cordless, 2D Imager Scanner, Color: Dark gray. Includes Standard Cradle (Radio/Charger) and USB Cable.
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Protect Your Product
AirTrack AirSupport (S2-W-3YR-5DY-SVC)
S2-W Comprehensive Service Contract, 3 Years, 5 Day Exchange
Ships within 3 to 5 business days
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